A ‘Balgobin’ at GPL means a company without vision

first_imgDear Editor,Permit me to express my concern, as an ex-employee, over the issue of abuse of power relative to discriminatory and corruption practices in GPL Inc. There has been outright and open corruption by a certain network of individuals within the GPL staff structure who have been placed to manage the affairs and develop the company’s economic contributions to the country.I have seen privileges given to some individuals in GPL Inc to manage the affairs of this company being misused and abused, creating dynasties of malfeasants. Some have enriched themselves and their cronies and in turn, neglected the very employees who are the pillars to satisfying the daily operations of the company.Many of these employees are now saddled with fear of victimisation and discrimination should they resist the tyrannical behaviours of many of the Executive Directors and some Senior and Junior Managers of this company called GPL Inc. In my opinion, it’s frustrating to experience these repeated behaviours and nothing being done to alleviate the biases and abuse of authority of some Senior Management officials of GPL Inc (surprisingly much of these behaviours are perpetuated from the Human Resources Divisional Heads, enabled by Senior Managers in the very structure).Employees with the right aptitude, initiative, drive, commitment, dedication, honesty, integrity, loyalty and those who are deserving of jobs are not recognised or selected due to displayed nepotism and coupled with unethical labour practices. Up to recent times, we see competent employees with years of experience and qualifications being left out of interviews, just to fuel senior officers’ quest for power, nepotism and cronyism.GPL Inc is ever so often under intense scrutiny and is perceived by the general public as always ready to entertain corrupt practices. Over the years, many of the management and non-management employees have lost sight and focus on their primary jobs and have resorted to unethical and counter-productive performance behaviours in ways unheard of and unprecedented; which has led to inefficiencies in the company.It is time to analyse all that is happening in GPL Inc as we hold the key to our rise in glory or our fall in utter despair.There must be a renewed and objective approach by the Board of Directors and to some extension, the Minister with responsibility for the electricity sector, to rapidly come up with solutions to the overwhelming problems plaguing this company’s inept leadership, incompetence, poor decision-making/accountability, lack of vision, counter-productive and unethical work practices as these solutions are vital in the development of GPL Inc and the country.Furthermore, I am sure that there are employees within the company and some stakeholders who wish to see GPL Inc flourish and not diminish with corrupt, unethical behaviours, incompetence, poor leadership and decision-making/accountability. All this will put GPL Inc in good standing.For this to happen, we must first put, without a doubt, in our minds, the right persons, processes, and systems in place to run the company and not run it down the drain. The Board of Directors should seek to ensure that the right individuals with the right mindset who are willing and able to get the job done exactly how it should be done are employed and placed within the right areas of the company’s management structure.It’s time for eyes to be wide open and stop being fooled, we must analyse the strategic direction and obligations of GPL Inc and see if the principles of maximising the company’s performance are moving in upward mobility or downward mobility or if they are moving opposite of each other. The ideal outcome is that the company is lifted.In conclusion, there must be a stop to the many company officials who choose to mismanage and haemorrhage the resources of the company and at the same time victimise and discriminate against employees who are not willing to participate in the mediocre and repulsive performance behaviours.I recommend the restructuring of the staff hierarchy to carefully place the right individuals with the right mindset and qualifications to maximise GPL’s performance in the right direction that is beneficial to the greater population rather than focusing on personal gains. A true focus on true development of GPL Inc is necessary right now and not the lackadaisical work being done by so many individuals within the company. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and should the Board of Directors fail to plan then consequently, there will be a plan to fail.Sincerely yours,An ex-employeelast_img read more