The provincial capital of North started the year battle

2013 is Xining City, the "year" project of the year, in order to fight this battle, Chengbei District of Xining city with a city and the forest city construction, strengthen environmental supervision and energy-saving emission reduction, and the area of the "creative city" member units signed the 2013 annual target responsibility book.

at present, constraints of resources and environment has become a bottleneck in the north area of development, how to use the limited resources, the ecological environment is fragile to withstand the rapid economic development, is a major strategic task facing the sustainable development of the area north of the city. Therefore, in order to fight this battle, ensure the realization of "model", north of the city zone will work in energy conservation and emission reduction. read more

West of the city has a new type of cleaning sweeper

in order to improve the mechanized cleaning rate, reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers, this year, Xining City West District last year after the purchase of new environment-friendly electric sweeper, once again invested 3 million yuan to purchase 4 new cleaning sweeper.

the purchase of 1 vehicles, 2 vehicles dry cleaning car wet cleaning the car, 1 cars are forced to train, West District, according to the needs of work, repeated investigation after the purchase. It is understood that the pressure wheel is equipped with high-pressure nozzle, especially suitable for flushing Road on the oil and dirt. At the same time, forcing waterwheel is also equipped with clean water cannons, and spray dust function. Outdoor billboards, as well as green belt is not easy to clean the corner of the gap, just a high pressure water gun easy to rush, you can become clean. (author: Wu Yachun)
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To excel activities as an opportunity to create a new situation in building the party

In order to further implement the party building and the system further to excel the spirit of the forum, to promote the party building and the building of grassroots organizations working group implement the spirit of the meeting, to strengthen the building of grassroots organizations of Communist Youth League, the Xining Communist Youth League to excel activities as an opportunity to study and implement the meeting the spirit as the starting point, timely arrangements, careful arrangements, through the "five unity", "Five Guarantees", quickly set off to study and implement the spirit of the meeting of Communist Youth League System upsurge, and strive to create a new situation to build the party read more

Xining water saving society construction through evaluation

news (reporter Xiao Yan) in the construction of water-saving society, compared with 2005, the effective utilization coefficient of irrigation water in Xining increased from 0.35 to 0.45, amazing! Xining special steel and other high water consumption enterprises to achieve zero discharge of wastewater and water recycling!" On the morning of September 27th, in the construction of water-saving society in Xining, the expert acceptance of the assessment of the pilot, the experts in the assessment of the assessment report said. read more

Xining municipal environmental protection department in the Gan River ndustrial Park organized envi

In order to further improve the ability to deal with environmental emergencies, protect the safety of the park

to further improve the ability to deal with environmental emergencies, to ensure the safety of the park environment. The afternoon of November 16th, Gan River Industrial Park Qinghai Tiantai sodium limited liability company to carry out environmental emergency scene simulation exercises in the company chlorine leak. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Huangzhong County Environmental Protection Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Gan River Park fire brigade and other units of the leadership and relevant personnel on-site observation. read more

Xining heavy clean minors growth environment

– remediation of the surrounding environment of the school built during the year 8 school children’s palace will be built young people’s mental health education guidance center and education counseling Station will develop mental health education part-time teacher team

good environment is essential for the growth of minors. In May 31st, the ideological and moral construction of minors work leading group meeting reporter held from Xining city learned that Xining city will be through the renovation of the campus surrounding environment, new school children’s palace, the new mental health education guidance center and education guidance station, cultivation of psychological health education of part-time teachers and other measures to purify minors’ growth and learning the environment. read more

The first four months of the new 1025 small and micro enterprises in Xining

has a good policy, the enterprise developed rapidly. In May 20th, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Economic Commission SME Bureau learned that, after a year of hard work, Xining city has formed a relatively complete policy guidance, credit guarantee, tax relief and a series of support system, Small and micro businesses increase the number of far more than in previous years. Only in the first four months of this year, Xining on the various types of small and micro enterprises 1025, of which the majority of the service sector. read more

West Avenue nterchange mainline bridge has been through

Reporters learned from the South Ring Project Office, at 18 on September 23rd, Xining City Road south of the Main Street West Avenue Interchange Bridge across the board.

, really play the South Ring Expressway in Xining city to ease the traffic pressure, the planning and design of the highway 11 interchange, and city trunk road interchange. West Main Street Interchange mainline bridge will be connected with the future construction of the West Street, for which the South behind the beltway highway vehicles ready. read more

To build a more harmonious and beautiful Qinghai cohesion powerful force

The party’s eighteen years, I always adhere to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a major political task, the provincial Party committee to take the lead, lead the demonstration, careful arrangements, extensive participation, based on the actual application, embodies the powerful force composed China dream Qinghai chapter.

spirit with a series of speech to unify thinking cohesion
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The Belt and Road great beauty of Qinghai investment environment and key project promotion will be h

June 20th, "The Belt and Road great beauty of Qinghai investment environment and key project promotion will be held in Xining. Provincial Committee, provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Dorje Geltan attended the promotion.

meeting, the Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission and the provincial SASAC leadership on the province’s economic and social development and investment environment and the province’s industrial layout were introduced. Qinghai Saline Lake industrial Limited by Share Ltd, Qinghai Zhongli optical fiber science and technology, the relevant person in charge of the enlightenment water group and other enterprises on their respective companies focused on the promotion of the project. read more