What are the factors of fatal foot store management process

is currently on the market for the foot of the demand is very large, this is a fact, because of this, there will be a lot of shops to open a foot store. However, why some foot store was booming business will be in one or two months on the verge of collapse into a predicament? Why a lot of profit to the foot store chain has been unable to act? There may be many reasons! Summarize the foot store closure of the lessons, in which there is a fatal factor in common, that is out of stock! There foot store management in the process of the merchandise, specifically in the following areas:

The performance of a


stock funds

caused the consequences: the face of closed down

case playback: a Hebei pedicure club in the city a center, 600 square meters, the rent paid nearly 300 thousand yuan a year, the decoration cost nearly 1 million yuan, 20 employees per 5000 yuan more than the minimum wage, the monthly personnel expenses 80 thousand yuan, 3 months after the operation, due to fewer tourists not performance, no funds to continue support, only to fail!

gap analysis: This is typical of the lack of funds! The first reason for this gap is not a very good budget, in general, to open a new store to reserve at least 3 months to half of the funds can guarantee normal operation, especially on large scale a foot store, to recover the investment even in operation under the condition of good is the need for a process. If the operation is not ideal enough for it, this process is bound to grow!

secondly, investment allocation loss also exist in the reasons for this lack of investment so much, but the most important new marketing campaign is not, even to finally find the marketing planning team costs are not! Therefore, investment in foot shop must have the consideration, especially outside investment, looking for a marketing consultant can avoid detours.

two: personnel suspended

consequences: direct customer loss

case playback: a Jiangxi medium foot store, after the Spring Festival in 2014, 5 backbone reflexologist store or due to pregnancy or by marriage or due to the field such as a sudden departure, staff in addition to a larger gap, a gap in the staff every day to reduce the amount of customer reservation, and from the customer is not satisfied, and some due to customer and other reflexologist running, most of the customers have a loss of performance, natural decline!

analysis: the core business suspended foot store is staff is reflexologist, but in reality many bottlenecks in the foot store staff. Therefore, staff turnover, collective job hopping caused interrupted things every day in the staged. The reason, first of all

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