What is the main reason for losing money in a restaurant

choose to open a restaurant, so the current market is very popular in the hotel business, many investors are nothing beyond the pursuit of success, is profitable. However, the people who really do this industry should understand. Now a lot of entrepreneurs to open the hotel is to end up losing money. So, why would lose money to open a restaurant? Whether there are major reasons, the following let Xiaobian for everyone to analyze.

first word: change

1, dishes change

What is the most important

restaurant, is certainly dishes, dishes if not built, go to the shop would be lost. You think, if you go to a restaurant for dinner, eat a mouthful, "wow" spit out, you would like to go to the store to eat?

‘s not playing with the boss.

all restaurant owners are very attached to the dishes, want to create the ultimate dishes, want to cater to the tastes of customers, forcing the chef to develop dishes, launched a new dish every week. Food waste at the same time, the chef is constantly complaining.

with what boss ah, every day for food, but also let people live?"

customers have complained that you come to the restaurant to eat, too many dishes, do not know how to choose, like the taste of the dishes before eating is not very good.

himself is complaining, I have this, the customer can’t understand me?

it’s all because you’re changing too fast. As a result of the change and resentment, the chef has a heart of resentment, it will not be careful to do dishes, customers have resentment, it will not come back to the restaurant, the boss has a grudge, would like to shut the shop.

well, the above said fast, the following talk about slow.

cooking products change too fast, no, that changed slowly?

a lot of specialty restaurants, open a few decades, the business is almost every year, not bad, the customer for another crop. It’s hard to keep an old customer.

I do hot pot shop, a customer even eat for a week, morning to eat, eat in the afternoon, he and his wife finally come together to eat. Consecutive week. In his words, say you do "hot pot" is delicious.

did not see him for a long time, there was a half year, once I saw him, I asked him why, he said, "enough to eat".

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