Ren Zhengfei on the global map to fight about 200000000000 of sales

know a successful entrepreneur, often can make you less detours, more likely to succeed! Few entrepreneurs like Ren Zhengfei, famous and silent. The 70 year old, in the HUAWEI heavy curtain in command of the 150 thousand employees, spell out about 200000000000 of its sales in the global map.

was invented in the "off" this word, Ren Zhengfei has experienced two laid-off workers. The army is the first time to help Shenzhen demobilized after the South China Sea oil service company to build a house is second times. Ren Zhengfei said, because they do not adapt to the market economy and management, the first job after the change is not smooth, was forced to resign.

"we the people in the society, not only do not understand technology, they do not understand the business, it is very difficult to survive, is marginalized." Ren Zhengfei recalls the dilemma. In 1987, Ren Zhengfei 43 years old, the life trajectory has been in the land of China drew a big triangle, but no achievements.

1987, from the system of Ren Zhengfei "the sea", with 21000 yuan of funds founded HUAWEI. At the beginning of the company mainly consignment Hongkong products, the risk is minimal, profit by the difference. The early start of the short history and vague, when HUAWEI will all fire are concentrated in the communications business, and the adventures of Ren Zhengfei will all of HUAWEI’s money into R & D switch technology, the future became clear.

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