Classical furniture ten brands list

different styles of decoration of the house, naturally also need to match different furniture, it is precisely because of such a demand, will make a large number of major furniture brands. If you want to buy classical furniture, may wish to learn from the introduction of the ten classical furniture brand list, which has a reference in mind.

classical furniture ten brands list, NO.1 niannianhong: founded in 1989, the national protection of trademark, famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, one of the largest furniture production base of domestic research, niannianhong furniture (International) group limited.

ten classic furniture brand ranking NO.2, Wu’s booming: Bearing ancient essence in the north south, open contemporary antique furniture pioneer, Guangdong Furniture Association unit, Guangdong Taishan Wu’s booming Ming style furniture art co..

classical furniture ten brands list: NO.3, yuanhengli Beijing famous trademarks, integrated enterprise development design production and sales in the professional production of classical hardwood furniture in Ming and Qing Dynasties, Beijing yuanhengli Classical Furniture Co., ltd..

classical furniture ten brands list, NO.4: national trademark protection, the classical Fujian classical furniture industry’s most influential brand, brand, model of classical furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Fujian Classical Furniture Co. ltd..

classical furniture ten brands list, NO.5 Union home: in 1992, the professional classical mahogany furniture scale provider, the strength of the mahogany furniture manufacturing enterprises, brand influence industry, Shenzhen Xiangli craft furniture co..

classical furniture ten brands list, NO.6: China yizunxuan mahogany antique furniture council vice chairman of the unit, set design, production and sales of large mahogany furniture enterprises, Shanghai yizunxuan mahogany furniture Co., ltd..

classical furniture ten brands list: NO.7 Shun long from 1862, Chinese time-honored elm, brush paint / antique furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasty famous in Beijing, the national intangible cultural heritage, Beijing City Shun Shing lung Chinese Furniture Co. ltd..

ten classic furniture brand rankings, Sanford NO.8: professional classical furniture R & D and production enterprises, one of the leading enterprises of the rosewood classical furniture, Sanford Classical Furniture Co. Ltd. in Fujian province.

classical furniture ten brands list NO.9, Hangguan mahogany: Shanghai famous trademarks, focusing on mahogany furniture design / manufacturing / sales service enterprises, leading the classic mahogany furniture brand, Shanghai Hangguan mahogany furniture Co. ltd..

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