Change can also change business opportunities

because of our innovation in order to have a rich and colorful life today, for investors, a good idea can make a career, a good idea actually comes from life. It’s a great idea to change, to provide convenience to others, and to generate income for yourself.

General every hundred yuan for change, according to the customer exchange quantity and familiarity, they can earn 1 yuan to 2 yuan fee". Most of the time, one day for more than 50 thousand yuan of change, he got more than 700 yuan of income. "Although it is now engaged in this industry in Fuzhou is not a few, but due to intense competition, the market demand is huge, therefore, as long as running errands, a month down to earn a few thousand dollars is not difficult."

"occupation change", in a convenient business at the same time, has also been a social question. Chinese bank Fuzhou branch of the relevant responsible person in an interview with reporters, the "market report" said change belong to the state legal currency, the change in exchange for profit behavior, belong to the trading currency behavior. According to the provisions of the "Regulations" of the renminbi, which belongs to the national law prohibited behavior, is a kind of illegal behavior, the administrative department for Industry and Commerce and other relevant administrative law enforcement organs can warn the perpetrator, confiscate the illegal income and illegal property, impose illegal income 1 times to 3 times the fine.


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