Enterprise operation and management of small

enterprise is a big problem, is the so-called, it is easy to play hard, the company operates without any neglect of things, can be deadly, is the so-called lost, mm difference of Trinidad, entrepreneurs understand?



2013 in April, when we got the first investment, we set a high goal for ourselves. As a start-up company, data is the best partner. At the end of the year, we were aware of the fact that we didn’t act on our goals. Our team always wants to pursue bigger dreams, but doesn’t focus on smaller challenges.




We’ve just started when

5.Canvas  Networks

a seems to have succeeded the product will fail, this is really amazing, but such things happen every day. Although our products have been in line with market demand, but we can not operate it well. It is very difficult to develop an enterprise, and it is very difficult to develop a company which has only one app and is on the way to work.



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