How to call for help


is now the national interest in the Rio Olympics, however, at the same time there are still many places by flooding problems, property loss is small, man’s life and family possessions is really important. However, in the face of the flood, many people simply do not know how to call for help and security transfer, leading to the loss of names in the flood, this is to make people really feel sad. So, how to call for flood and transfer?

into the summer, rainfall, temperature rise. Some provinces and cities in our country due to heavy rains flood disasters, which seriously affects people’s health and safety of life and property. In order to popularize the knowledge and skills of flood disaster, recently, the China Health Education Center organized experts to compile the core information of flood disaster health education. How to provide scientific knowledge to the public from the aspects of the preparation before the flood, how to call for help and safety transfer, and how to prevent the disease after the flood.

which, for the flood of how to call for help and security transfer, the core information provided 6 recommendations:

(a) the flood came, to quickly shift upward, when the late shift, should as soon as possible to seize the nearest fixture or floating.

when the flood came, in ensuring the safety of the situation, the rapid transfer to the roof, slope and tree height, the transfer process should be calm, do not confound; if the flood encountered too late to transfer, should be in accordance with the principle of proximity, rapid, timely grasp of wood, wood and other debris, or fasten the body as soon as possible in the trees, to avoid being swept away.

(two) if surrounded by flood, should try to send a distress signal, timely rescue.

If the

is surrounded by flood water can escape, should as soon as possible call the local flood control department telephone, 119, or 110 contact with relatives and friends for help, at night with a flashlight or a cry for help, can also cause the attention of rescue personnel. In turn, should try to accurately report the trapped case, range and danger.

(three) should avoid high voltage wires during evacuation.

floods, close to the high-voltage wire and wire pole, very dangerous, found the high-voltage tower tilt or wire head droop, to quickly away from, to prevent electric shock.

(four) safe transfer to the spirit of "nearby, high, rapid, orderly, safe, after the deceased" principle.

in case of flood threat, in order to ensure the safety of life and property to the maximum extent, should be quickly transferred to the nearest to the high, as far as possible to reduce the transfer time. In the transfer process, should be kept in order and good order, and to ensure safety. Life is the most

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