2016 college entrance examination to fill out what you want to clear

just past the college entrance examination war is important, but now the results have come down, everything is a foregone conclusion, at this time in 2016 college entrance examination candidates and parents are concerned about the nature of voluntary reporting work. So, the 2016 college entrance examination, you want to clear what?

if the collage is the score, then fill the college entrance examination requires more skills and wisdom. Where do you want to go? Study what? Before completing the volunteer, these must first think clearly.

follow the principle of "one plan, three choices"

What does

do after graduation? Studies have shown that more than 40% of the graduates are engaged in the work of the University and the major. Therefore, for completing the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination division team president Li Congqin suggested that candidates should follow the "three principles of planning, selection. That is to say: after graduation from the University, "what to do" to plan the future academic career, the first choice of the city, followed by the choice of professional, the final choice of schools.

he said: "before completing the volunteer candidates must first think clearly, think in what city want to engage in work and life, what kind of industry after graduation, what is the overall planning for ten years or twenty years in the future, what is the goal of the pursuit of future." At the same time, Li Congqin reminded the candidates, 4 years later, the employment situation is likely to change greatly, the so-called popular, popular professional is not absolute.

therefore, according to the interests, aspirations, skills and personality, to choose their own interest and love, for the professional, only themselves, in order to better lay a good foundation for future employment. If the candidates do not have a clear direction, you can learn from their parents’ social experience and resources to choose.

in the choice of profession, candidates should pay attention to target inside university which professional for the national key disciplines (some two colleges and universities, whether there are) on behalf of the national level of talent training base, excellent planning, basic science talent cultivation plan, characteristic specialized construction etc.. At the same time, we must fully understand the goal of education, in recent years in Henan Province, each batch of admission and admission of candidates. The situation, combined with the results of their own colleges positioning.

when completing the volunteer not too "love"

in recent years, colleges and universities in Henan Province in the phenomenon of increasing year after year enrollment. However, regional, economic and other comprehensive evaluation, the province’s educational resources are still lagging behind many provinces. Therefore, Li Congqin suggested that candidates voluntary reporting do not "excessive love", according to the college entrance examination scores, the foreign universities and colleges in the province of reasonable collocation.

he further analysis, since 2016 985, 211 colleges and universities outside the province mostly increased enrollment plan in Henan, recommended by

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