Zhang Yong should be prepared for the advice of entrepreneurs

a successful entrepreneur, must be tempered after a. Nobody can casually succeed. LBE security master founder, CEO Zhang Yong is a 85, but when I saw a real person, even people think he was more than and 30 years old. "I’m worried." LBE pr manager said with a smile.

LBE security guru, including Zhang Yong, including the LBE team to use the work of the development of mobile security products. 2011 to the present, LBE overcome the financial constraints, team members and other difficulties to escape, to become a mobile phone manufacturer with sixty million users. From hobby to become a career, all the way to Zhang Yong, who has what kind of story?

2008, Zhang Yong and two friends set up a part-time development of interest groups, and use their name Lamian (Zhang Yong), Blackfog (black fog), Elviess (Wang Mingyang) the first letter named LBE. Until now, the LBE people used to call Zhang Yong Hand-Pulled Noodle, total surface. Before the

2010, Andriod mobile phones began to be popular in the market. Some old SP vendors to see this trend, turning to the Android camp. Compared to the rule of the world at the time of the Symbian and functional machine, suck fees on the Android phone is easy.

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