The quality of the electricity supplier era a box with a membership to create light and life

in recent years, China’s e-commerce environment has become increasingly mature, online shopping has gradually from the pursuit of low-cost, sacrifice the quality of goods to the pursuit of brand, quality and service change. The latest iResearch data also show that B2B brand electricity supplier model has been replaced by C2C, becoming the main force in the electricity supplier industry, the quality of electricity supplier era has arrived.


select origin, away from the crudely made

With the rapid development of

industry in recent years, each big business has become increasingly fierce competition for talent shows itself in the massive competitors, to attract more consumers, businesses are often resorted to exhaust all the skills one of the most widely used, is the low price promotion. However, in the face of all sorts of low to incredible prices, will inevitably make people questioned, so cheap goods can guarantee the quality? Whether it is fake and shoddy products? China to food safety issues for example, businesses in order to make the price more competitive, it will continue to hold down their income price, farmers’ income can not be guaranteed, so cheap pesticide and fertilizer supply, good quality of agricultural products.

A box of a

team said, in order to ensure the quality, they set strict selection criteria, selection of national geographical indication products, this product has three advantages, one is the green environmental protection production area, low carbon energy saving, resource saving; two is the price transparency, is not easy to fake; three is through the national certification. Quality guaranteed, allow consumers to buy, to completely eliminate the possibility of counterfeit. The platform recently launched Daohuaxiang Wuchang rice, is strictly in accordance with this standard selection of high-quality products, high nutritional value, by the introduction of the harvest has been widely praised for platform users.


The origin of

batch Jicai, to ensure high quality and inexpensive

industry has been the existence of such a chaos, the same product in different shops or platform in the sale price changed, and will continue to fluctuate. Some businesses in order to seek higher marginal benefits, some opportunistic behavior, the artificially high price discount, the phenomenon is popular, the price of anarchy for many consumers deceived deceived. With a large domestic electricity supplier platform as an example, a certain brand of a hand cream in a small retail price of 9.9 yuan shipping, another mall price 20 yuan, according to industry sources, the cosmetics industry, because the formula is basically the same, but the dosage and technical differences, the difference is difficult to lead ordinary consumer estimate. Therefore, low blow money while maintaining sales made a profit, the price confusion, two is difficult to identify differences in quality. Such examples abound online shopping platform, where the water can be imagined.

for consumers of this puzzle, a box of the emergence of a new solution to this problem. According to the team, a box of the first "family Jicai" mode, the family needs direct global manufacturers, platform batch Jicai, eliminating the intermediate links and brand premium, and platform.

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