2007 Fujian nternet tea party will be held on November 24th

activity description

global view of open Internet industry in the spring presses China 17, China has 144 million Internet users, broadband Internet users to 97 million websites, 80, has become the second country the development of the Internet second u.s.. Summary of the 2006, various Internet companies pregnant with sorrow, some failures, some listed. No matter what kind of business, the group of Internet practitioners are still. This group exchanges from Fuzhou to Fujian into the country, with the Fujian club owners, Fujian IT, Fuzhou network industry, polymerization and requirements of Fujian internet groups of Internet practitioners, we are looking forward to discuss cooperation and development can be more at this year’s annual meeting.

this meeting is a non commercial meeting, discuss the development of the Internet, reference to the 2006 network will process this year is still to discuss the exchange of knowledge turns, not participants of the regional identity knowledge position no limit, as long as you have been concerned about the development of the Internet industry in Fujian, and began to love the Internet the Internet tour in Fujian, we are very welcome to attend our meeting. Since all of our funds are donated from individuals, we are also looking forward to the support of more individuals, social groups and business friends.

participants please bring enough business card


November 24, 2007 13:00 (sign in)

14:00 (opening)


Fuzhou City Tower Road Navy hostel No. 2 Jiashi 5 floor hall

multimedia conference mechanism

theme agenda (please make a good 15 minutes PPT manuscript, not sorted)

(each time for 20 minutes, 15 minutes for the speaker, 5 minutes for discussion interactive)

network advertising alliance network to make money the best choice Fujian Kate Ding world Xie Nengbin

news agency to do business prospects and opportunities southeast express Chen Jinsong

wash room, someone

ideal good institutions own AmoyAdvertising services and health services

health vertical portal Peace Health Network to sail

network marketing strategy and actual Bobo network marketing planning agency Lin Yong

258 commercial search Xiamen scholar Zhang Jian

why choose to invest in vertical industry websites 4-New digital Tang

network training industry market and the success of the network about the success of the network about Huang Yongjie


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