Do you still follow it when the guest of Taobao

review in 2010, Taobao guest was done in full swing. Affected by Google’s withdrawal from China, a large number of small and medium-sized owners have been confused, this time Taobao alliance seize the opportunity to win a large number of grassroots strength. For a time, the Taobao off the myth can be heard without end. It is also affected by the "legend" of the infection, many people joined the guest Wangzhuan go forward with great strength and vigour.

however, Taobao customers really so good to do, believe that operating people will have a stomach grievances to fall. At the beginning of the Tao do, most of my friends have chosen QQ group and Forum promotion, although this method is very effective to start, but gradually restricted. Then it was the start of the blog group, a time of garbage articles filled with every corner of the network, resulting in many websites began to shield the Amoy link. It is also the time when more and more people begin to learn the production site, and forced myself cramming SEO knowledge. However, Baidu began to fall good times don’t last long, K API type of site, affected by this, a large number of rookie chose to give up.

since the API site will be punished, then why not do a let mother like site? So, single page product stand gradually flourished, and become the mainstream method to do Taobao guest. At the beginning, single page is very profitable, why, there is no competition. Do a single page just to meet the two conditions will be able to earn a lot of money: first, choose a high commission of violent products; second, the target keywords to optimize the top three Baidu. Owners only need to purchase a domain name, to host the buy cheap monthly space, and then uploaded to OK website program. Because a single page mode is very easy to copy, leading online now is full of certain products list, so hot list trash like pages, ask how this environment will produce a large number of orders


many friends of Taobao customer really kind of feeling when the heel, they are always looking for ways of others then follow. But in fact, if a method even rookie know to make money, this approach to the era of violence has passed. Therefore, in order to better operate Taobao guest, need to get out of a suitable road.

I have seen a master, the site’s IP Super 10 per day, but each IP can produce a single or even a few single business. Smart friends must look out, his traffic is not from the search engine. Then the customer intention of such high quality where is it, I can not tell you, is soft. The master asked his weekly must write a high quality of soft Wen, although the workload is not big, but very effective. The site is just a platform for the sale of goods as a bale, do not have to look at Baidu’s face.

I am also through a variety of soft paper to promote, the effect is still very good. Some friends may say they have no channels, I do not know where to send the soft wen. In fact, your site is one of the best publishing platform. The high quality of the original article can not only increase the weight, to gather popularity, retain users. Offer only

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