talk about the momentum of the Alibaba industrial network


long-awaited industrial network ( officially launched, strong curiosity prompted the author to stroll into the moment, here the author views on the mall.

first, consumers happy

why would you say that? See figure


is 1.8 meters above the bull BULLGN-406D converter and white "products, it is clear that the same model, one of the provinces and cities, with a product, even price difference of 19 yuan, if it is you, which one will you choose


two, the brand smiled


this is the "manual tools" page, the list is not a product, but all the tools of the brand manual. Let consumers choose brands, and in the choice of products, so that consumers in a brand, he can only choose to go below a certain brand of product, you should choose other brands, feel shy, resume selection.

three, agents, dealers cry


see above this picture you say dealers can not cry? A type of price for consumers is that the list of your cheap, one eye can see, so only the dealer price on the lower, to compete with his competitors.

from the above consumers, manufacturers, distributors of these three main points:

1, from the consumer perspective, the benefits can be an accurate model of the cheapest product selection was not in a good way, you choose a brand products can only compare the following products, and all products are not listed, and let the consumer choice,

2, from the manufacturer, benefit is when consumers choose your brand, which is your product as a brand is a special page, not good is the less common brand so that consumers do not see.

3, from the dealer, only small profits, but the biggest advantage is more than with the credit system of Alibaba.

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