Persistence content innovation communication the essential of success

      now a station is too easy, find a good program, a basic web page, just to get some template page, then is the collection, then, a website was completed (I personally think so many stations are built, do not know if indeed no, just think that conducted an investigation! But it should be pretty good. Some webmaster insist, half a year, a year, two years, this stand up, not insist on it?

      I really entered the ranks of the ranks of the day not long ago, has been working for the company, there is no time to pay attention to! Because often run behind, Admin5 and so on, also began struggling to try and start learning how to do, how to do search log (though still did not understand how to be your own website ranking in the search engine on the front) and so on, program! Will not be able to see a part of the language, really to write, a word can not come out!! Slowly, in which inextricably bogged down in! So, last week really began to stand! I stood not much, just one, a webmaster learning exchange website, the domain name is not me, from my friend there to the station, before it is about environmental protection, soon, the website set up, but not the content of what to do! Add a right, then, one to add, later in one of my classmates know where there is a way, then, looking for the acquisition, and acquisition method, fortunately, the program used inside itself (acquisition rules can be difficult for me that got two genius clear point), acquisition rules well, began to pick (indeed, very sorry for those webmasters are taken.). It took two days to collect a lot of things! Did not pick up, feel or do it slowly! The whole site took five days. Some sense of accomplishment, but at the same time there is a sense of depression (very heavy)! This is what I want to say after two days to calm down!

      many stations should be the way to do it! There should be no mistakes! But really think about how long it will last! Say big (don’t scold me, I’m not so noble), China’s Internet a few years later, there are real Web site? You pick me up and I’ll take you, in the end, it’s all the same! According to the small said that the acquisition of the East was collected on the engine is not much, others will not find you, so do the article is just a display! Some people will say, go to the post, to various forums, blogs and so on low side post, well, your ideas are good, also can bring good effect in the short term! So what?

      what is the way out of the station? Where? How to do a station webmaster? Have you ever thought about it?

      I don’t have a vision

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