France’s largest clothing business into how to avoid repeating the mistakes of ASOS China

Although the

before the British fashion business exit ASOS China warning, La Redoute still choose China as the first country to enter the asia.


source: Vision China

Although the

before the British fashion business ASOS exit Chinese warning, and an international apparel electricity suppliers to enter the Chinese.

June 20th, France’s largest apparel electricity supplier La Redoute announced the cooperation with China’s electricity supplier solutions provider Azoya to enter the Chinese market.

La Redoute company was established in 1837, is a mail order company, has become a famous French clothing business. Its electricity supplier sales platform covering more than and 120 countries, in 1994 to become the world’s top third luxury and retail giant PPR (Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, renamed after the opening of the cloud group) in a group.

La Redoute main clothing and furniture, including Guess, Kaporal and Tommy Hilfiger and other well-known brands, the positioning of its parity fashion favored by the market. Data monitoring company Mé diamé trie in France according to the monthly visits to independent business enterprise sorted La Redoute with monthly visits to 5 million 746 thousand ranked seventh in the country, second only to the Amazon, Cdiscount and other international and domestic comprehensive electricity supplier, ranked first in the clothing business.

international business has accounted for La Redoute overall turnover of 1/4, while China is the first country to enter the Asian La Redoute. La Redoute, general manager of business development Vanessa Xing said, "we have seven branches: Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Sweden / Norway overseas, as well as two markets of Poland and Italy, they are directly run by our headquarters. At the same time, we gradually develop the website as well as in the global business platform sales business, and China is a very important growth point."

Responsible for the

Department La Redoute international development Saida Gallouj on cooperation and Azoya said: "we want to find a suitable partner, it needs to be familiar with Chinese in this new market, including China culture and consumption habits." In this division, with the help of La, Redoute has been featured for China consumer product line, and established the micro-blog and WeChat platform.

overwhelmed La Redoute’s entry, the name of the two banner: French fashion and easy to get". However, in today’s China, "French fashion"

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