Business networking site in the end Youxi gone

China to do business SNS (social networking service, social networking services) is the earliest in Taiwan LNKIST and domestic TIANJI, the origin of the United States is also the success of LINKEDIN and European OPENBC. Last December 7th, OPENBC (now changed to XING network) listed on the main board in Frankfurt, germany. The first day of the stock price of 30 euros / share. Net cash received through 1 million 300 thousand XING net of approximately $35 million 700 thousand. This is the world’s first commercial SNS website listed. The industry generally believe that OPENBC is the world’s largest commercial social networking sites. In addition, from a variety of channels confirmed that the United States will also be listed next year LINKEDIN.

but LNKIST and TIANJI, both of China’s commercial SNS companies, have come up with a beautiful early growth curve and have come down. Then the dimension as a VC identity of their investment to do WEALINK, borrowed identity associated with Focus Media do building delivery, pull on the user, by comparison, WEALINK is the richest, and the sky and contact home, did not get the real VC.

to do business in China, the biggest problem encountered in 2 SNS, one is how to ensure that the network environment without pollution, and the other is the user’s stickiness. Specific and can be divided into four factors: the integrity of the environment, viscosity, degree and degree of strength and the Chinese social culture. These problems are solved, it is possible to really achieve the essence of SNS services: personal development and transaction.

several companies should be said that the initial stage are very good, because some people are attracted to the high-end crowd, but soon the crowd on the chaos, the environment has been contaminated by a variety of garbage. Business people are characterized by this, once the environment is rotten, harassment and more, it must go.

under the pressure of financing and investment, several companies quickly deformed, and even changed their original intention. For example, free open registration, and even incentives to stimulate the user registration, LINKIST is to change the flow of entertainment sites almost.

if there are several business SNS China do not succeed, a big reason is cultural understanding of the domestic business friends is not enough, so the market is a typical culture first mover advantage in the market, but because the COPY of foreign open registration, and clean up the environment and do not arrive, it is so natural result the.

Another key reason for

‘s failure is that it’s not sticky enough. This performance in the 6 degree dating pattern in the specific business China "dating market," the strength between degree and degree requirements are too high, or if no trust between you and your friends, the friends of friends is nonsense.

China is still a "personal integrity system" and "social integrity system" is not complete, the degree and degree of trust between the high requirements, or can not pass the trust, the formation of 6 degrees >

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