Hey Amoy network Taobao into two years dormant shareholders to profit this year

Sina Technology Shen Yunfang

competition please have the bottom line." At noon on February 28th, jumei.com CEO Chen ou to hi Amoy network director and general manager Sun Zhenkun made such a message.

in the morning, hi Amoy network official micro-blog made a long micro-blog boycott fake cosmetics, directed at rival jumei.com. This means that the name questioned, hi Tao nets also joined the war cosmetics: first slobber provoke the slobber war between jumei.com and Le bee Network — two recently held in the annual Pro beauty electricity supplier.

"I dare to do so, that is because of its clout." Sun Zhenkun says so. In April 2010, Hunan satellite TV and Taobao jointly invested 100 million to set up a "happy Hunan Taobao Culture Communication Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "happy Taobao"). December, the company’s integrated class electricity supplier website hi Amoy network (headquartered in Hunan, Changsha) on the line. But there is a lot of media resources and a lot of flow hi Amoy network, in 2011, 2012 of these two electricity supplier year almost silent.

hey Amoy network this appearance again, full of gunpowder. But two years after the period of silence, hey Amoy network controlling shareholder has become Taobao from Hunan satellite TV, website localization from the original integrated electricity supplier narrowed to "women dress fashion business".

What happened

hi Tao nets during the two years it has a chance of dormant?


Taobao into a controlling shareholder

2010, Hunan satellite TV and Taobao jointly invested 100 million to set up a happy Taobao, and launched a comprehensive class electricity supplier website". In the happy Taobao equity structure, Hunan TV holding 51%, Taobao accounted for 49%. Taobao has been in the home navigation bar at the entrance of the Amoy Amoy network for the entrance, while the Hunan TV’s weekly broadcast fashion service class column, the more Amoy the more fun to become hi Amoy network radiation nationwide promotion positions.

now, hey Amoy network has completed the transfer of equity in early 2012, Taobao became the controlling shareholder, the specific stake is unknown. According to Sun Zhenkun introduction, Hunan TV premium transfer part of the shares to Taobao, and Taobao’s current share of more than 51% stake.

it is understood that the motives of the Amoy net equity transfer, from Hunan radio and television’s other TV shopping company happy buy IPO plan. Happy shopping is a well-known QVC Company, while the same name electricity supplier website. Happy shopping was submitted to the Commission in March 2012 to apply for listing on the gem. In accordance with the provisions of the Commission, a company can not be at the same time in the same or similar formats in the company’s holding position. The joy of listed companies have been included in the purchase of cultural industries in Hunan, the focus of the project, so Hunan radio and Taobao reached a share transfer program." Sun Zhenkun explains. 2005-2009, Sun Zhenkun was happy to buy, the director and deputy general manager.


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