One side is snow while the fire is a public welfare activities




snow before the Spring Festival in 2008 swept through half of China, so many people on the road back home on the road, on the bus, on the platform – not during the Spring Festival reunion with their families. Network community, in particular, can be used in a way to participate in the community (such as QQ space), the whole process of witnessing this scourge. Network participation is mainly reflected in several aspects:

1 information collection and sharing:

a large number of Internet users through the Internet to get the latest state of affairs, road conditions and weather, whether it is news or Web2.0 content has attracted a large number of users. People write in the mobile phone, according to photos via MMS to their own space, and these contents also to friends and family and government departments to learn more about a situation. Many communities and news portals also extract the content here, with more users to share.

2 emotional exchange and love to convey

a copy of the message log to touch one deeply in the heart of community, and photo comments, the parties and their friends together, and to support the Department of people’s anxiety together. Particularly impressive is the ocean of secretary of provincial Party committee and governor Huang Huahua sent a letter to the Guangdong people through the Internet network, " and we also welcome irrigation together. Paizhuan "…. all this broke the communication barriers, let the heart and the heart is no longer distant.

3 community online and offline participation


users to stand up in front of the disaster, they want to make their own modest, and hope to help those affected by the government together with the people. They offer advice and suggestions in the online community, or even directly involved in the first aid.

For example:

QQ space Master city is a network of community to make friends, but the owners of the Guangzhou Railway Station shouted, we send a positive response, hot water, go to the station to send instant noodles, send warmth gloves. Some travel in the first line, give some money and goods. A person’s strength is small, but a community voice, a voice of justice, with a sense of social responsibility sound is powerful. See netizens to their aid experience to write in the log, no shock is not. Http://

is an online community what kind of users, what kind of sound. In the face of disaster, justice, social responsibility and love each other to spread in the community, let us believe more Chinese, believe that the internet.

Youdao is:

space is a home, the network community you and me

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