Dong Qinfeng ten years of experience sharing

Admin5 station network April 9th news hotline 2011 Chongqing Internet webmaster General Assembly held in April 9th in Chongqing science and Technology Museum, the Chongqing hotline, Chongqing website alliance, laggards forum, Discusz! Community, jointly sponsored by the Baidu Entrepreneurs Club, Chongqing slipped by Chongqing science and Technology Museum,, Monument for Liberation and Co from all over the country more than 800 owners and guests attended the meeting. The following is the founder of the fall of Dong Qinfeng’s wonderful speech at the meeting.


              leaders, good morning! There are a lot of familiar faces, once again came to Chongqing feel very excited. This time specially prepared for the PPT, for this conference, we are more attention. I think we are going to attend this meeting, I am sure I don’t want to hear a lot of pure theory, so I try to talk about what I do.

this is a short time we do the survey, in fact, there are many media survey also published some data, we should be more realistic. Overall, we obviously, the loss is very much, this is the current situation, don’t listen to the media data, the data is not very accurate in some media. This situation is more severe, we come to the participants, the main purpose is the first traffic; second profit. So I mainly talk about these, in front of a few leaders speak well, speak very directly, is very good. We can see that, first of all, the Internet to do? First of all, to challenge themselves, to break through their own. First of all, a lot of people are still doing the station group? Pure station group? Or refuse to refuse to admit it, but you laugh, I know, and certainly do this thing.

first because we do it, in essence, we all belong to a technician, is essentially a technician, "Indoorsman Indoorswoman, technicians have an innate characteristic, is logical, because when I write the code to consider streamlining, in line with the law. This is also a limitation, what do you mean? When I met friends, often see some, originally oneself in, well, in the tens of thousands of tens of thousands a month. Later, we do a team, we do a company. The later problem, even a project collapsed, Former friends become enemies with each other. friend. I think these are all we have to discuss, first of all, we are a technician, do not feel that they are always the best thing to write, do not feel this thing, you do not trust employees to do. I think this layer, first of all, to break through.

also, I mentioned the issue of an industrial park, we may now have a lot of policy, no more to understand. For example, a lot of industrial parks, can provide free office space, some tax rebate policy, there are a lot of concessions, some of the subsidies, such as college students have >

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