Taobao has eleven double eager Ali after the listing will surprise you

There are eleven double

distance in almost a month of time, but in the Taobao online there have been double eleven discount, I do not know when the double eleven singles became the folk shopping carnival. 2013, Taobao eleven sales during the period has more than 35 billion yuan, I believe in 2014 will not be less than double the figure of eleven. And Ali after the listing of the first double eleven, is Ali’s success, presumably Taobao will give us a new surprise.

double eleven shopping Carnival can be divided into three stages, that is, the warm-up phase, crazy stage, the temperature phase. Today, the eleven warm-up has begun, Taobao will continue to perform online shopping myth, of course, not only Taobao. There are other electronic business platform, such as: Jingdong, pat, Dangdang, etc., this shopping carnival is the electricity supplier giants together hype up. It can be said with certainty, after the emergence of double eleven online shopping boom, electricity providers have seized the majority of consumers shopping psychology. Mainly reflected in blindly follow the trend, love and other psychological aspects of cheap.

Ali after the listing of

ushered in double eleven, will bring a surprise

Ali successfully listed in the United States, now has become one of the world’s leading Ali network company, Taobao, Tmall and Ali also became similar to the Amazon, eBay and other international shopping website. Of course, Taobao, Tmall, the number of users is certainly a lot of growth, mainly foreign consumers. Therefore, once the eleven double discount activities, will certainly attract a lot of foreign Taobao users, any consumer accounts for the mentality of cheap. And love online shopping users mostly in the low-end consumer groups, the real nouveau riche rich handsome and relatively few users. The dual eleven may be listed after Ali Carnival again, it should bring us a real surprise.

double eleven fatal defects in the price war era or the end of

showed on the double eleven Online Shopping Festival beneficiaries are consumers, in fact it is in the long run, some shops can even after the first price reduction. In this way to flicker ordinary consumers, the fatal flaw in the price war can not guarantee the quality of goods. Businesses or shops can be used to squeeze the sale of goods to the store, which is a way of promotion. One can imagine that the ultimate beneficiaries of this activity is a business or electricity supplier, did not sell the wrong, only to buy the wrong, is the truth. Price war is more attractive to the user’s eye, the use of those who do not rational consumption of users, in order to drive more users to consume.

double eleven is the electricity supplier partners hype out of the shopping festival, in the eyes of many ordinary consumers, it seems that the competition between the electricity supplier is when we profit. In fact, this competition is the electricity supplier to benefit both sides, and ordinary consumers are not the biggest gainers. But those users who have rational consumer psychology is rarely taken, the price war is only a representation, or behind the electricity supplier in the jointly staged "oboe". This paper is based on>

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