Ambition the two profit model of B2C E commerce

Hello, I am ambitious, what is the most popular on the Internet today?. Taobao store, Taobao mall, now, Taobao can be described as the people get rash and too much in haste. As Ma predicted, e-commerce is divided into three stages. The first stage is C2C (consumer to consumer); the second stage is B2C (i.e., business to consumer); the last stage is B2B (i.e., business to business). So, at what stage of e-commerce? The answer is: the second stage, B2C (business to consumer). November 1, 2010, with the Taobao platform announced the launch of Taobao mall independent domain name, e-commerce officially entered the B2C phase.

so, how do we get to the second stage of e-commerce? Where is B2C’s profit model, so the focus of today’s discussion is on the profitability model of B2C. Ambition that the B2C’s final two profit models are: 1 with B2C independent e-commerce sites, sales of products, so as to achieve profitability; 2.B2C mall Commission model. Of course, the two B2C profit model is a personal opinion, the analysis is not in place, please paizhuan.

A. with B2C website, direct sales of product model

today, the first phase of the C2C electronic commerce basically went to the end, many large individual crown stores have to seek a way out, why? Because no longer continue to operate the C2C conversion mode, the outcome can only be smaller. Such as the famous wheat bags, lemon Green Tea and so on, there are now e-commerce site independent, why individual crown stores must take the B2C model? There are several reasons: 1 in the Taobao store, it is limited to Taobao, for example, the national tax policy and so on, time in the affected Taobao store, constraints on their development only growing, therefore, when you shop to do a certain amount of time, the B2C website must start up, B2C e-commerce sites can also be said to be a product of the development of electronic commerce to a certain scale and the inevitable; 2 Taobao is just a small piece of e-commerce in the market, then the market the largest e-commerce where? The answer is that the entire Internet Chinese. Many people are limited to the traditional mode of thinking that e-commerce is set up shop in Taobao, Taobao is e-commerce. This idea is wrong, Taobao, Baidu has ah, Tencent pat, etc., these platforms can only be a small part of e-commerce. The real e-commerce is the Internet, and even the world. Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, said: "in twenty-first Century, either electronic commerce, or no business can be." Therefore, the electronic commerce market is infinite, you are limited to Taobao to do e-commerce? Then you OUT it! Therefore, e-commerce in second stages, must have their own e-commerce website independent.

two.B2C mall mall Commission mode

this model to focus on the next. Before I talk about this model, I would like to ask you, Suning Appliance is what

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