Traditional enterprises how to do network marketing

with the continuous development of Internet technology, the growth of Internet users every year in the form of a straight up, according to media reports in December 2013 last year, the number of Internet users in China has exceeded 600 million. Under the huge data visible network market is vast, with precipitation and accumulation people the concept of online shopping with time has gradually matured, many traditional companies are now in the planning or has been towards the Internet, want to hold a position in the network market, not only that even China’s premier the Internet gangster BAT in order to seize the market hit "you" die "I live. Before a few months in the downtown to be in full swing fast and didi taxi taxi in order to compete for users of A and T is really willing to pay, Yang Zi appears in the final outcome is internecine. Thus the Internet market competition is so fierce, so in such a competitive network market for traditional enterprises how to do network marketing? The following Yang Zi’s point of view from the following aspects to share with you.

one. The establishment of the Internet based credit system is the foundation of traditional enterprises

The establishment of

credit system in the view of Yang Zi is a foothold in the enterprise, plays an important role not only in the online marketing integrity, online has more important role, we think both sides have never met, never saw physical products specific to the user how to make him believe it? Good faith embodied in the value here, if you like some Internet through false propaganda, propaganda sell their products is not on the network, even if the user first purchased, also not to believe on the same site to buy the site, but also give bad word-of-mouth. Seriously, then will be subject to legal sanctions, look at the current electricity supplier in the hope to do better, such as: Taobao, Tmall mall, Jingdong mall, etc. is undoubtedly not the first good faith. When you want to buy something on the Jingdong or Tmall found that there is any problem, you can unconditionally return a refund. This allows you to rest assured that such a network platform shopping, in Yang Zi seems to be just because of this deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Remember that Ma had said such a word "reputation" is not valuable, and "integrity" is valuable, with a certain value.

for the traditional enterprise before building its own sales network platform, you have to consider how to build a trusted website, now many use illegal websites to cheat other people’s property this is to have occurred. It is said that Baidu official is also actively cooperate with the third party certification bodies. Therefore, for the first time the traditional corporate website to be legally filed, and the record number on the bottom of the site to facilitate user query verification, but also through the official website of Baidu certification and third party certification body certification. The following figure is the third party certification body:


for doing the above said Yang Zi think is not enough, in order to really do a good job in the Internet integrity system, but also the real propaganda of the company’s products and services, on their own website >

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