Bitcoin China was 5 million A round of financing platform trading volume has more than 200 million

bitcoin trading platform bitcoin China (BTC) recently completed a $5 million A round of financing, the investor side of the speed of light vibration China venture capital and venture capital venture capital of the United states.


is a China bitcoin bitcoin trading platform, launched on June 2011, according to the information provided by the current trading volume has exceeded the other two bitcoin trading platform – Mt. Gox and BitStamp, to become the world’s largest bitcoin transaction trading platform. Bitcoin China’s highest daily trading volume of nearly 90 thousand bitcoins, the highest daily trading volume has more than 200 million yuan.

bitcoin was born in 2009, it is based on a set of code encoding, through complex algorithms, to achieve worldwide circulation through any computers connected to the Internet, anyone can buy, sell or collect, mining bitcoin. Because of its scarcity, the gradual realization of the availability of affordable, and Internet payment (especially small micro payment) extremely low cost characteristics, bitcoin has evolved into the actual price of virtual digital assets.

I horse learned to accept bitcoin payments in a large number of Internet Co has China including Baidu; in foreign countries, bitcoin gained a wider acceptance, there have been tens of thousands of Internet businesses to support bitcoin payment.

bitcoin China by Li Qiyuan, Yang Linke and Huang Xiaoyu co founded CEO, which Li Qiyuan graduated from the Stanford University, served as executives at WAL-MART Chinese e-commerce, SMG blockbuster new media, EMC China and YAHOO R & D center.

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