Ali mother crazy blocked the small website owners will be jointly appealed innocent

recently a large number of webmaster put the advertisement of the mom, mom was blocked, and freeze income, station closed for reasons of "abnormal data", by these four words will be a large number of small and medium-sized site is blocked, and rogue dictatorship, thus causing the majority of owners dissatisfied, a large number of owners gathered together to prepare a joint Sue Ali Mama, and justice.

recently put a ban Ali mother Ali Mama advertising website, and freeze the advertisement income of the website, the closure of the station and the freezing of income is very simple, is the "abnormal data" four words, mom is only the four words will be hard to do stand webmaster to advertising all in the bag therefore, the majority of owners sparked anger, we rushed to the mom asked customer service station closed, and then get the same data just four words, we asked Ali mother proof abnormal data, the customer said this is related to the detection of them, may not provide to the webmaster, oh, it sounds somewhat rogue what is the abnormal data flow, Ali mother website advertising is not clear there is a statistical you, everyone can see, this is the secret. ? as the saying goes "the police catch the thief also have to pay attention to the evidence", Ali and her mother is a single abnormal data, then the blocked small website, freeze the income of the website, do not give owners the opportunity to defend himself, that can apply to open, when we tried to know, the application. It is a big joke, that just a decoration, we even doubt our application you do not read, direct refusal, and in all the webmaster blocked mail mentioned "after our detailed manual verification, your website data exists abnormal" you really artificial check? If there is a manual verification, he can see the surface of the abnormal data? Don’t you inspectors is superman? This is ridiculous.

even more angry is that after being sealed in the website, the application release was obtained for the first time is the same, the same data is abnormal, but rogue is to observe for two months, what is observed for two months, we do not have to hang your free ad there. See the result in two months, you are too shameless, this is tantamount to selling, but also have to let people themselves and then ran back, and then you can sell it, thanks you to be out of your letter is what website after practice, in the default on our advertising immediately replaced Taobao’s guest, you have after we agree? To solve this problem we can call customer service theory, the answer is a big joke "is that we should put the webmaster, Amoy code", "webmaster" What are, this is too shameless.

you are the domestic online advertising industry giant, you can do that this terrible loss, the rogue will only play the means, it is affected by the financial crisis? Ali also hold fast? Why do you just K us these small and medium-sized websites, and not those of large K website? The reason is very simple, you can’t, such as.

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