China Merchants Network launched the second round of financing target million

‘s first real name network name card club before the Alibaba, Sheng business net wading business SNS.

China Merchants Network launched the second round of financing target of one million yuan

last year, the popularity of the happy network really let white-collar workers have seen the great potential of the SNS site (social networking sites), this momentum is now radiation to the emerging field of e-commerce.

is the earliest wading business SNS real name system of domestic websites are Chinese merchants network. As early as last October, the site as the first domestic real name system SNS website started launched beta, there have been a number of media outlets reported. Currently, the site after the completion of the first round of investment, is seeking a second round of investment.

According to the

Chinese merchant network CEO Lu Yongwei, April 2008 Chinese merchant network smoothly into the first angel investment, and international English successfully registered the domain name, he and angel investors together re positioning planning taking human SNS website, the introduction of foreign ideas and combining his original work units in Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau real name system concept, form China merchant version of the network.

"domestic real name approach is being discussed in the hot. China merchant network has the letter and cooperation in science and technology, to promote the construction of the database of network integrity, the implementation of the ‘credit label "system, as long as the Chinese merchants online credit members and distinguished members, click the" credit tag "– and gongdun signs, business registration information will be able to view the companies and businessmen, the real credit certification." Lu Yongwei said.

is currently in Zhejiang Province, "according to e" (enterprise digital certificate) users can directly realize the authority of the "network business" in the online display of electronic license China merchant of Zhejiang province; after the user identity authentication by authoritative intermediary certification bodies, by letter technology tailored electronic license, and then realize the real name authentication in Chinese businessman the Internet, electronic display business license.

Lu Yongwei believes that China is a focus on the relationship between the civilized countries, since ancient times is a relational society. With the popularization of network technology, the network name card club "concept came into being, Chinese merchant network is the new concept of SNS mode, the network name card international popular combination, starting the real name system technical support, at the same time bound merchant value-added services, the traditional business relationship channels more humane, more scientific. The site launched the network name card, members can not only see business contact in the network name card, also can see the merchant’s business philosophy, investment direction, personal style, product information and reporting and other value-added services, and management, interactive, online users can update their network name card, used to expand merchant connections.

combined with B2B, C2C, B2C and other network models, China Merchants Network to explore and innovate the SNS model. At present, Lu Yongwei has initially explored a set of profit model, with a database of 400 thousand businessmen, while

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