Blue ideal website and classic forum announcement

        my ideal site and the classic blue forum members, we regret to inform you in here, in the next period of time, we will not be able to guarantee the normal access to the classic forum, due to external force majeure, the forum server room where has this treatment for us, the reason is receiving the report the relevant regulatory authorities, harmful content found on our servers, this is the second time in six days to stop the network (a Changsha, a Shijiazhuang).


and actively contact the departments, informed involving specific URL and content not to the two report information, only the IP address, consider starting from this, no matter how we transfer equipment, always can not fundamentally solve the problem. Exclusion of human factors, relying on our meager IQ can not think of what causes this result. So we decided not to have access to an effective solution before the temporary closure of the forum’s visit, please believe that we make such a decision is extremely helpless and sad.

as everyone knows, the ideal blue is a pure technology website, has been low-key and pragmatic to service users, based on the popularity of technology services for Chinese Internet, web design and development is the peer on the Internet a warm home, this is the year we unremittingly power. Understand our website member friends, if there is a certain degree of knowledge or public relations resources, I hope you get in touch with us, negotiate solutions, contact blueidea[a]

has the need to solve technical problems for the time being to the blue ideal stick   

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