Use the mask to make an invitation 360 this is to release the rhythm of the security mask

opened in the early morning of WeChat, the goods were suddenly brush circle of friends screen.

of the mask, 360 invitation was sent, when I received it at a moment, carefully study and play with a lot of, found I still don’t fully understand the 360 really want to convey to me through the mask of what kind of information, not 360 to do security film? Or poof… To guess something interesting!

guess 1 – mask just to increase the sense of mystery

from the shoot the title artifact 360 search to play contest, from war veterans week old attention to release new book "Zhou Hongyi: my Internet methodology", 360 recent topic seems to have not been broken, and the September 12th Conference of the offbeat invitation is more popular micro-blog and friends. This is used to cover the mask to the face actor plays a role as make-up appliances, 360 with a mask as an invitation, apparently to hide behind the mask, so it should be a mystery guest conference debut, but it is still very difficult to make people think that what products will be released.

– guess 2 weeks old mobile phone dream never extinguished

2 years ago this time, the 360 special for the machine is with millet heats air, old week "mobile phone" dream may be hidden in the bottom of my heart. In recent weeks old frequent change mobile phone micro-blog, and Liu Zuohu, Huang Zhang, Luo and other major mobile phone manufacturers boss micro-blog interactive, 2 years later, who knows what are you hiding behind the mask of a mobile phone


– guess 3 advance security conference

burst Mengliao

September 24th, the second session of the China Internet security conference will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center, 360 selected first to open a conference in the 2 weeks ahead of time, it is easy to be two to think together, how is this morning Chinese Internet security conference, micro-blog official also released with masks on micro-blog, and leave on Friday to see! "Three characters, is clearly in the 360 conference tomorrow, so I think it might be ahead of the 360 has irreparably burst out, such as the new technology for crack or flaw, this speculation looks much more than rely on mobile phone spectrum.

Conclusion: ·

mysterious guests; · ·

Some speculate that

through the above, I summarized four key words 360 conference tomorrow, is "mysterious · guest · · security; as for the product, the product is what guests who can make nothing of it, and the content is estimated to be related to Internet security conference, there are some new things to the emerging field of security. In addition, the conference may also refer to the latest upgrade the kernel 8 speed browser, such as router or a crab suddenly released eight legs we don’t be surprised, because in the 360 week old "subversion" thought under the leadership of the similar concept to subvert the people "

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