The three stage of the development of personal website

is everything figured out, not because we are doing IT, is playing the Internet, we do not need to consider the marketing problem from the basic level. Development of the Internet today, all gradually return to the rational, we are beginning to uncover various Internet around the head halo in the following thinking, aiming at some problems of personal website before starting to talk about his own views.

the first step is the most critical, everyone knows, if the beginning of the wrong, then the more the future, even if you put in more, it will make more mistakes, the more regret. So what does it take to start a website planning and what to do?

1, who do you want to earn money?

first of all, you have to figure out who you are going to make money, the site’s direct user or customer user?

because of the Internet, from the beginning of " sharing? Free? Free " the spirit of the advertised, even today, remove all kinds of high-end services and various types of B2x can be directly for user fees, others by providing value-added services beyond ordinary business income (such as a member of the QQ policy is a classic case, the vast) most sites still rely on grab huge " user " customer; customer service, in order to gain income. This point, online advertising is a vivid example, not hot up before the mobile phone value-added business portal website basically can only rely on this, even today, Internet advertising model is still a classic pop. Tens of thousands of personal sites are almost all of these models.

if this is the kind of model, then you have to figure out which part of your Internet users to provide services. What is the structure of this level of Internet users, consumption patterns and what kind of common features, you are sure you have a very clear distinction and understanding of them (the classic site hao123 accurate positioning).

don’t worry about the size of the user groups you define, see the total. Now there are almost no other people can not see the project, we have to do in addition to the deficiencies found in the existing industry is the breakdown of the breakdown. Download the source code to the Chinese fortune station has done pretty well on it, on the one hand, through deep research on the source code of K666 leading found deficiencies of hand positioning in the service station for source program needs to provide download services corresponding to segments, to such a situation today is inevitable. If the hooligan greedy greedy, what category do, maybe today is at most a 2 Stream download website success of perseverance.

Another example is

now all the sites, the goal is very clear, and very narrow range of people, but you can see that the total demand is very large. The list of education classification Baidu top once graduation thesis such sites have entrenched.

this is the most basic, even if you do not know who can do, you >

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