Taobao store Amoy lack of entrance into small sellers Bane

2009, designed to do both resigned in a website, decided to open a shop business in Taobao. She first joined a friend’s "crown" shop (Taobao’s reputation authentication mechanism, the crown shop means the accumulation of credit up to 10 thousand) learning skills. After the apprenticeship, she in the second half of 2009 he opened a Taobao shop selling clothing.


business accounted for both all the time: in order to improve the ranking, she did not hesitate to spend a lot of time cheating brush drill; and the customer business, contact the courier; the Taobao customer service and communication.

a few months, both her income statistics: made a total of about 200 single real business, but each earn a few dollars to tens of dollars, do not add up to ten thousand yuan, the average monthly 2000 yuan, in Shanghai, this income is difficult to maintain life.

not only aria, even her family had a "crown" shop owner also lamented: business more difficult! Crown seller actually also appeared a day without a single business


both describe her Taobao business is "looks very beautiful, actually very bitter, very poor. In fact, in addition to the Taobao store official propaganda, most of the shop have hit the bottom, and her shop is relatively good.

Taobao has been encouraging college students to start a business, more and more people to join Taobao, but in fact, it really can provide so many opportunities?.

out Amoy

today’s aria in Shanghai has a foreign and worked as a clerk, and gradually fade out of the Taobao business.

she became the Amoy family, although not completely, but have been discouraged, too lazy to take care of the Taobao store.

No one is in the minority of

. Since Taobao started since the shop owner is yichayicha to change, people go to the people. Recently, however, the industry has gradually reached a consensus: as Taobao becomes too big and too bloated, with more and more store users occupy too much resources, Taobao is not a small seller’s paradise.

small sellers in addition to being eliminated, there is no other way out. No matter what you do, you will find that there are a lot of people are doing the same website template, the same picture, the same channel, you simply can not stand out from among them." He told reporters.

to aria operated by the garment industry as an example, her purchase channels from the master to learn there, logistics companies and others, often delay the time, let buyers complain. Although each piece of clothing are both carefully selected, quality is good, but nobody cares.

Taobao shop customers rely mainly on the entrance to attract customers, that is, relying on search and advertising services to customers to shop. But both due to lack of funds, not advertising, can only be maintained by acquaintances trading, trading volume is limited.

But some big >

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