12 PK service supplier and then count is not optimistic about the expected price of businesses


Nandu Cartography: Liu Yinshan

relative double 11, double 12 promotional small scale, businesses are not optimistic about

electricity supplier industry today ushered in the last exam before the final exam of the 2012 Christmas season, "double 11" promotional war has just ended, known as "small and beautiful" and "double 12" debut.

data show that as of December 11th at 10 a.m., double the total number of registered goods reached 12 million, the number of registered sellers more than $1 million 100 thousand, buyers seek preferential number of times, the seller responded to the baby number 3 million 930 thousand times in 5 million 460 thousand. Record all previous Taobao online shopping activities.

for Taobao, this is not a war "sales", but for Jingdong, Yi Xun and other competitors, allow consumers to buy or buy cheap service, the new exam is "double 12" given.

price or service to win, there is no fixed number. But the double 12 on the eve of Alibaba, Jingdong, Tencent electricity supplier out of their strokes, then further stimulate the electricity supplier giant battle. From this week, the Tencent’s easy to quickly enter the Beijing electric network market, killing the hinterland of Jingdong.

"double 12" small and beautiful

is headquartered in Guangzhou Yin, just in the "double 11" to complete the daily sales of 70 million, compared to the "double 11" in advance for a whole year of stocking, marketing and other preparatory work, the promotion of "double 12" scale is many hasty.

every year ‘double 12’ start, from the ‘double 11’ after the completion of the sale of the work are very tense, businesses spend too much time to a large number of stocks, do a large-scale promotion is not practical. For consumers, after full year the biggest round of online promotion after another round of discount craze is not practical. ‘double 12’ this round is mainly with the direction of the platform to go, will no longer set sales targets." The person in charge of a Yin Xiao told reporters in Nandu, such as the "double 11" period, Yan man advertising costs more than 3 million, which has invested about 1 million 800 thousand of the advertising fee in Taobao, but the "double 12" marketing costs about 300 thousand, "double 11" to participate in the activities of the dedicated contribution ratio is 70%, the "double 12" boutique group provided about 29 items.

and the "double 11" provisions of the merchandise discount, and ultimately decided by Tmall to participate in the business of different rules. This year, Taobao’s double 12 did not set any unified rules of participation, as long as the normal operation of the shop on Taobao, you can participate in the double 12 registration activities, and let the seller has the right to own pricing.

Nandu reporter obtained the latest data show that as of December 11th at 10 a.m., double the number of more than the number of registered sellers of more than 12. Among them, more than 90% of the seller is the star and drill level seller, only 7%-8% is the crown level seller.


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