Stationmaster net daily broadcast Qihoo launched 360 tourism Baidu search site sub link now

1, Qihoo 360 on-line navigation website 360

travel tourism

November 8th morning news, Qihoo 360 today on-line navigation website "360 travel tourism" (, to provide domestic and international main attractions travel, tours, tickets, hotels and other information.

according to 360 insiders, the 360 tourism is a subsidiary of the site navigation, is part of its open platform. Previously, there are rumors that 360 tourism features will be similar to where to go. But Sina did not find in the 360 science and technology tourism is a travel search function, navigation properties page, travel information from the hornet’s nest, line information from, tuniu website etc..

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360 tourism website on-line for the 360 site navigation sub product

2, Baidu search results of the official website of the chain

in order to better the quality of the authority of the site to show, and to provide users with more intuitive search results, improve the user and web experience. Baidu search results in the show will have relevant strategies according to the needs of users on the site has included the resource quality automatic evaluation, to conform to the standards of the site, the site will automatically extract the high quality channel show.

this mechanism is automatically updated regularly, temporarily accept foreign cooperation. In addition, the follow-up plan for a single video search results of video website rich the display, from Baidu Webmaster Platform Sitemap selects the high quality of the user submitted video data, video thumbnails give results contain more abundant content, improve the user experience, please pay more attention to the dynamic Baidu Webmaster Platform.

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3, WeChat beta "custom interface" or App store platform

as a public communication tool, WeChat to expand its scope of application, to explore new business models, the WeChat custom interface function and a group of partners to test the public platform, the interface of CRM system can access any company, will play its commercial value, but also to the development of a platform model step an important step.

WeChat is working on a small scale and a number of partners to test the custom interface capabilities of the public platform, this interface can access any company’s CRM system. Businesses behind the public account will be able to provide users with more personalized services through this interface.

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4, MSN will be China, "special": continued foreign The climate does not suit one.

yesterday, Microsoft confirmed that

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