The contradiction between the blocking and sharing of intellectual property rights in a specific env

gun hit the head of the old veteran station thinking in the end is still profitable

for senior Internet users and movie enthusiasts, the idea is definitely a familiar name. This has been established for ten years, the site is the country’s largest pirated Digital HD resource sharing portal, there are currently registered members of the user fee of about 1400000 per day, while more than 30 thousand online users. Website integration of thousands of high-definition video, games, music resources. April 26th is the World Intellectual Property Day, on this day, thinking it embarked on a path of destruction. After months of investigation, the Beijing cultural law enforcement corps joint police action on the day before, the site of CEO Zhou et al arrested on charges of alleged infringement of intellectual property rights. Law enforcement officers revealed that the network has a total of 139 employees. Among them, Zhou and other 8 directors and backbone of the company, on suspicion of infringement of intellectual property crime has been under criminal detention, and another 30 employees due to the release of more than 50 thousand downloads of resources will also face detention.

thinking on the surface is a high-definition video portal, providing all kinds of Blu ray HD video information is not directly available to download. But there are a large number of pirated movies and TV drama resources at the bottom of the site link link HD star forum, users only need to pay 50 yuan per month membership fee will be free to download resources. Thinking through the operation of pirated HD video resources have accumulated a large number of users, a variety of ways of profit. All kinds of business advertising, Taobao shop and the store sold directly PT membership invitation code and VIP package monthly membership, high-definition resources and mobile hard disk copy distributors sell. As the saying goes, the gun fight bird, even if it is to cater to the World Intellectual Property Day and make it look good, but it is precisely because of thinking too high, profit directly through pirated resources, became the World Intellectual Property Day, the relevant departments as the case. It can also be seen in recent years, the government for genuine support, as well as the crackdown on piracy sites will be growing.

day between piracy sites are now closed tide

ideas off, other similar sites can not live at ease. Yesterday, just a news, a number of well-known domestic film and television resources download station will be declared closed. One of the most famous is everyone. Everyone said that the film site temporarily closed, and recommended a few resources on the home page to the user backup. In addition to everyone in the film outside the home (, CHD PT (, union station China HD network ( and other sites have been shut down. The closure of these sites, it is possible to temporarily avoid the limelight, once the government’s efforts to combat piracy, it may be permanently closed.

everyone in the film from the famous YYeTs subtitles group in June 1, 2006, the official establishment of an independent forum, and recruit enthusiasts to join, after years of development of the formation of the now everyone. >

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