Ming talk about how to use the SNS website promotion

I have notice in blog

May 26th: SNS promotion website promotion, that intends to use the SNS website promotion, but also has the difference now in the past two weeks. Feeling is not very good, but also encountered a lot of problems, of course, is also a problem. Basic can be determined by SNS website promotion is a toil. The basic way to cast a wide net is not feasible. The cost of time is a bit too high.

summary, my idea is to consider me to all SNS community wide with friends, then in my own SNS home page on my blog address to attract friends in time through my request to visit my website. Really began to find things are not so simple.

5gme and white society added more than and 100 friends, but did not bring much access. White society because I have to share my blog a few times to bring some traffic. Also proved that users are very lazy. If you do not have enough temptation, the average user is not moving the left hand to copy paste. So, can be done directly to users with the mouse point of the link must not only leave a url. Of course, this is the way, no good activity alone is not possible to add friends to bring good website promotion effect. But good activity means you need more time to step on the space of others, many reprinted some interesting content, plus the time to add friends, I now really is not so much the effort to maintain the SNS community.

in view of the current situation, it seems only one way is to concentrate on, 5gme is the first choice, after all, there are also more big, circle, I should be the main target group. The public, if you do choose it really makes me very puzzled.

is from the Alexa ranking of course happy net is preferred, but happy net Alexa should be a cheating, the data is not really accurate to say, PV access than thousand oaks high school, 51 happy, really not point. Especially the 51 really should not be this data, they in the Internet promotion is still very good, attracted many people and migrant workers is idiotic, the resources so that they can reach a cooperation and Shi Yuzhu, their user base is the two or three line of the city and Internet cafes. School campus has also achieved good results. In fact, the amount of their visit is good, just look at the user stickiness Alexa data is really not happy happy, thousand oaks of information is very poor, and happy 001 compared to a big gap, after all, is a copycat copycat. This also corrected my previous happy 001 do not look good, at present it seems that they are very strong. Of course, thousands of oaks happy with mop, school and their strong financial support, and ultimately able to win is unknown. After all, I now have very little data.

of course, this is only for my own site selection, the key is to find the appropriate

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