On the outdoor travel website

after the campus network SNS website development, a number of "inside" in the name of the website such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, blossom everywhere, good and bad, dragons and fishes jumbled together.

of course, which is also some of the best industry site. Travel network is a tourism, outdoor related industry site, doing very well. This site gives the slogan is: to build China’s smallest outdoor travel site for the time being, we do not have to comment on its small word meaning, first talk about the industry.

believes that in recent years, the word "donkey" will not be unfamiliar, and more and more people are being attracted and joined. Outdoor activities are usually defined in a narrow sense of professional outdoor sports, and equipment expensive, ordinary people flinch. In foreign countries, especially the developed countries, outdoor activities have been quite popular today, according to the survey, one for every 6 people each year take part in one or more outdoor activities, but in our country because of the outdoor concept known late, only in recent years has been rapid development. Along with the people living standard continues to improve, outdoor sports have been slowly from a young age to mass over, compared to tours, travel, outdoor activities, generalized with more autonomy, more flexibility, and more challenging, but also has a high degree of professionalism, deep love of fashion young men and women, so the word "tour pal" overnight called Jiangnan, inside and outside the Great Wall. Then around the "donkey" figure in between the green mountains and rivers, trudging in the depths of the desert, the next climb on cliffs above, despite the frequent accidents, but the young friends still bored, joy and excitement after enjoying the challenges of nature of success.

I think the word "donkey" is not only the challenge and conquer the nature of cool spirit, more young people for self courage to challenge, is a positive attitude towards life.

China’s outdoor activities at an unprecedented scale, huge market. Of course, all has the double-edged nature of the development of anything, now outdoor market is uneven in quality, a lot of people and institutions under the banner of "outdoor" and "tour pal" activities carried out under the banner of a variety of so-called outdoor activities, especially small travel agencies, travel agencies of various individual contracting nature also took the opportunity to put on the "outdoor" fashion coat. According to the travel network (http://s.www.lvnei.net) incomplete statistics, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places are the most frequent outdoor activities of the city. Shenzhen is the so-called big outdoor size less than 200, they all have their own website, to organize various activities, but few really have legal procedures, not to mention some institutions that cry up wine and sell vinegar, the accident will not be able to obtain the protection and compensation, the recent Shanghai, Zhejiang tour pal is an example of the accident.

The establishment of

travel network, is to establish a good image of the outdoor travel website, providing professional information, authoritative guidance, rich information, to carry out a variety of public spirited outdoor activities.

also called on relevant departments as soon as possible to establish outdoor activities, outdoor club access, management

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