T industry station January P back to 12000 experience sharing

has its own garbage station flow down, through the following methods, a monthly traffic on the back of the 12000, recall the entire process, in fact, the operation is very simple, but the most important thing is to insist, insist on the king.

my Lycra station www.it086.net 4830+ Google included Baidu included 2000+ but not traffic from search has recently, so their flow through the following methods.

site optimization is mainly done by conventional methods, or the introduction of the flow of the source.

1 lurking in a number of social networking sites, such as happy 001, happy, school, dating network, one day IP about 700, inaccurate.

2 Industry Forum issued a soft text, target precision, but the amount is less, an average of about 100 a day.

3 search engines: because I have 10 a few key words in Baidu before ten, today is basically in 7-10, such as IT industry, esetnod32 activation code, you fun? Kabasiji, activation code, Adele activation code, the daily volume of about 600-900.

4 the main source of traffic — blog marketing: build 30 blog, then found in the popular Baidu in one or several keywords for speculation, remember the article with the website links, increasing every day one to two articles, if the word is normal, a week or so, the flow rate of -1 million in the 10 thousand 2 that is the case with me now the key (remember, if an article in a blog about the huge amount, then do not continue to publish articles in this blog, otherwise it will disappear.


my head of my regiment, Baidu home page 347 (the first blog I canceled.


latent cast list, Baidu home page second.


above is my practice, after all, rely on to pull traffic is not long, but if the dumpster make advertising words, this method is not to shout! I station: www.blzpw.com

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