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Tencent technology Fan Xiaodong reported on July 10th

following Nora was an investigation, after an administrative penalty, an important part of the network of pirated film and television industry chain – small film station will soon become the focus of the next target.

National Copyright Bureau yesterday informed Jian Wang 2014 special action of the first Internet piracy cases investigated, including Anhui DY161 movie network and f1dy movie network alleged infringement million units released on video works, Jiangsu super cool movie network and 22 movie network station suspected piracy for profit and other cases were announced.

it is worth noting that, in the notification, the above cases involved in criminal detention per person, not limited to civil liability or administrative penalties.

in December 27th last year, the national copyright administration has informed, Baidu and Nora constitute piracy facts, respectively, to two yuan to be fined 250 thousand yuan. Under great pressure, Baidu first announced the end of Baidu does not support the original video services, film and television advertising alliance, Baidu official also claimed that since June 2013, more than 5 million 800 thousand the number of online video content and bad links to pirated products has blocked Baidu’s.


, an advertising alliance responsible person revealed to the Tencent of science and technology, mid April after the national multi sectoral co sponsored the "anti pornography, net net 2014 action, the main combat range is pornographic content areas, many small television stations and piracy advertising alliance is mainly in clear jurisprudence content of pirated content cleaning is not particularly active.


said that television stations and advertising network for the content of the website and pornographic edge high alert on the station pornographic content cleanup become including small station and numerous advertising the most important task this year, but that pirated content is just a violation of copyright law, so as to loose some degree, Nora closed after service. It began to look for other tools instead of playing.

the country to increase the fight against piracy and punishment of the film and television station, it means that there was a huge piracy in the industrial chain Nora Nora small film and television sites or will usher in a new wave of closures.

small film and television station is the main pirate

in the past few years, a large number of parasitic in Nora and Baidu video industry chain on the emergence of small and medium television stations.

the station includes two kinds, the first is the only search and link stations and television resources, without their own servers and video content; the second is a content search portal, direct hire server and store large amounts of pirated video content from IDC, the video content downloaded from the major video sites, or regular buy a copy of the CD upload.

National Copyright Administration yesterday informed the case, the parties involved are second categories, suspected of direct upload pirated content.

the relationship between the above two film and television stations >

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