Orange light game announced the completion of 10 million yuan financing valuation of 150 million

word game maker orange light game announced the completion of 10 million yuan of financing, investment by the state gold chase cast, the valuation of the company after the vote was $150 million.


orange light game is an open game production tools, and has released the original game platform and user community, mainly for women to the web and mobile terminal AVG text game, under the Beijing rock Network Technology Co. ltd.. According to Liu Xiaoyu revealed that the number of users of orange light has exceeded 25 million, of which the number of authors 1 million 230 thousand, the number of games has been built in the number of about 4260000.


orange light business model for tools, platforms, content, IP cycle. If the orange light’s original IP game "counter attack" star shine, authorized adaptation of the TV series, as well as the sales of the book of the same name.

According to Liu Xiaoyu, founder and CEO of orange light game revealed that this round of financing will be mainly to recruit staff and improve the quality of the content of the

. Orange light angel angel round of financing $500 thousand, the investor Innovation workshop; A round of financing $3 million, led by the giant network.

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