On the planning and design of local talent website

if college students is boring, very empty, in a chance I helped a talent network part-time webmaster, editor also needs to understand a lot of things, so I began to contact this industry… A local talent network talent network, promotion is essential, relative to the pure stand, the portal station, game station and other non local sites, local talent nets promotion should be said to be diverse and rich and colorful. Because in addition to the pure SEO, more focus on promotion is online site promotion, how to let users search to find you, how to let the local user remember you, this has become a priority among priorities of our work, so to the webmaster either from the search engine optimization ability and practical ability of planning, have a high unprecedented requirements, of course the workload increased substantially is obviously. However, how we can use the ability to use ideas, so that efforts to be effective, and ultimately achieve our goal of profitability, this is definitely a serious consideration.

what is talent network? Local talent network as the name suggests, is for local users, realize the personnel employment and enterprise recruitment function website, this is a general statement, of course, subdivision and part-time recruitment, education and training, senior executive search and other functions.

what kind of person would be on talent network? There is no doubt that job seekers in today’s circumstances, what most people? Of course is "unemployed" most, if the talent network is a framework or tool, so job seekers is absolutely talent net the blood, just think, if a few job network stations which companies will, to recruit


that how to do the flow of talent network high? From the following aspects:

A good

site of SEO SEO think is the priority among priorities, I analyzed the habits of users, more than 95% of customers are from search engines, of which more than 90% were from Baidu, so Baidu ranking is basically decided whether the website can find you in the customer first use time.

two local publicity, this is the important place to speak, the local regional site advantage: strong viscosity and high customer loyalty, than the other sites set up to the feelings of the actual, high conversion rate and so on, so do the local promotion, promotion is how to become the only way which must be passed QQ group local king of the first step SEO optimized (Q group will more or less have so much needed job personnel, after Q group publicity, can certainly attract some customers) Poster (poster style must let others understand at a glance, to be brief, put your site in the most eye-catching place and in the community publicity column, publicity columns, and even the street cafes, railway stations and other public places toilet tabletop advertisement (paste) in our place, each cafe table Monthly advertising costs of 2 yuan per month, an average of every Internet cafe, the calculation of the machine, the cost of a month of $100, the choice of more than 5 super large Internet cafes in the city, the cost is expected to 500-800 yuan (of course, there are very)

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