What should you do to promote new products

promotion is a science or an art, for the concept of God so black, something illusory, ready, you can accumulate steadily? Some people say that the mobile Internet arena has a APP, some people say that the Internet arena has a website, some people say that most of the O2O the arena has a micro shop, for different industries, different products, different types of products, the market should be prepared to do what


1, resource reserve

for new product you especially want to announce the world, tell the world that, are you ready? Can’t hold the big horn on the street selling, come on, come on, please set inside ~

media reserves

whether it is a press release, the release of the soft Wen need to have a carrier, the media suggested that the store should be on the product line a week ago should be good to talk about the issue, price, audience groups. Whether large media, such as well-known as entrepreneur, 36 krypton, tiger sniffing the network, OFweek, of course, the famous DevStore. (an ass, don’t blame me ~) in the press release also can be released in NetEase, Sina, Sohu, Dumbo etc.. These can be used as a reference Baidu encyclopedia.

encyclopedia ready

objective evaluation of their products, do not have a copy of subjective information, such as media reports copy copy. Perhaps the module is the best purpose, user base, to solve what needs. There is only a link to download the Baidu software can be used as a reference, and app products through the rate of information than the site through a lot of high ~

application market preparation

is ready for the APP promotion products, these days I was used to study the market, they have their own different style, such as some of the main application is recommended, some of the main game recommended, and must be on several mainstream channels, Baidu must, because Baidu has its own application page is you search a product, the market will appear Baidu download link, you can download, a lot of good ~~

before the new product line, according to the characteristics of their application, the first choice of around 10 as released flagship, observe the changes of data, the follow-up work is ASO optimization, a good ASO can give you a good amount of APP. During this period you have to sort out what the application market has new products, which have the market for special applications, etc..

2, upgrade ready

After the preparation of the

foundation, the general time is half a month, see the results of the second round of preparation for the upgrade.

push material

push, terrible moves, minutes to lean into a lightning, the sun into a cloud of


Oh, I say you need to prepare brochures? You need to prepare what you need to prepare app cheats? First download the free delivery service sticker? "

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