Dai Renguang about three aspects of the marketing of micro blog little share

            micro-blog marketing, in fact I have been doing, although not the expert, but is also a starting from micro-blog marketing has been in operation of combat, of course, may be part of my view we don’t agree with this, but it is only today some small personal perception of micro-blog marketing, we can discuss.

            the operation is mainly two kinds of direction, one is our super stationmaster net micro-blog marketing, this is not really to do, mainly to write my personal Sina micro-blog @ Dai Renguang, today not to do, also is a fashion class micro-blog, micro-blog is based on Tencent, although many people may think Tencent micro-blog Sina than micro-blog, but I don’t think so, I think Tencent micro-blog later support and development stability than Sina micro-blog, and I do fashion group, I think micro-blog will be more suitable for Tencent to do. Of course, Tencent micro-blog also has some of his shortcomings, here do not add comments, or just talk about some of my personal micro-blog marketing insights.

            1) vertical account more valuable

            many people choose to do micro-blog marketing will choose to do personal micro-blog, micro-blog and micro-blog’s vertical biggest difference is that the individual is written for his micro-blog micro-blog, micro-blog micro-blog is vertical for the audience to write. Personal charm is limited, unless you are a bit of a well-known industry people, your point is enough to attract industry colleagues. In general, we will choose to do vertical account, if you want to attract some girls love dress, can do a "makeup tips" micro-blog, you want to attract some love to buy clothes, dress up love girl, can do a "fashion collocation" for micro-blog, if you want to attract some love travel users, can do a "global travel" of micro-blog. This kind of micro-blog directional accurate, and has its own content, so as to give attention to your audience a reason, because of the content, and love your micro-blog. This kind of vertical class account, the number of specific groups of segments, so accurate segmentation, for micro-blog marketing is more valuable.

            2) new accounts rely on active attention to attract others to listen to

            this method, although it looks MJJ, but many people do so, I think it is not too cold to immoral, harmless, can operate. A new account, just like an island in micro-blog, you have more than

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