Play online marketing Have to learn from the porn industry

in 2008 to sell the to $13 million price was "Guinness World Records" included, to become the world’s most expensive domain name, of course, compared to the translation of sex we all know, is "sex". When the Internet has become an indispensable tool in people’s lives, one of the "speculators" — network marketing industry began to thrive now around the network marketing derived from many segments of the industry, but in the field of network marketing, the best play belongs to the porn industry.

according to the Google Ad Planner services (tracking users via cookie) shows that the global Top 500 site, there are several ten adult sites. Xvideos (Reddit, PV), the world’s largest porn site, has a 3 page web page per month (Page Views,), which is CNN times more than the ESPN news site, and is twice as long as it is. LiveJasmin is not small. In addition to Google and Facebook stations and other sites on the YouPorn, Tube8 and PornHub face is pale into insignificance by comparison.

we only see their traffic, some of the traffic from the user asked, in part from the external guide, the porn industry network promotion plays an important role in the flow. When it comes to network promotion, have to say that the network promotion of some common means of promotion: blog marketing, e-mail marketing, search engine marketing, community marketing, chat tools marketing, image marketing, etc.. In the common network promotion means, whether it is personal Adsense or enterprise, these basic promotion methods should be tried, some are effective, some are invalid, the fix will receive a variety of drugs, shops selling, sell God sell phone, even the little sister QQ in the porn industry itself is a kind of demand, so even if the guidelines in the past, users generally do not immediately turn off.

below the author of the interception of the porn industry is relatively good to share some of the marketing tools:

Q & a marketing

Q & a marketing is such as Baidu know, Sohu Q & A, Q & a platform Q & a marketing platform. Some public relations companies in planning activities, in addition to the normal hard wide, soft wide aspects of the promotion, will also add a certain number of Q & a marketing, which shows the importance of Q & a marketing.


figure for the use of webmaster tools in the traffic statistics query query site traffic source data.


figure for the use of webmaster tools in the traffic statistics query query site traffic source data.

we look at these data will find that they will use the popular long tail keywords >.

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