The Com domain name sanshierli it will soon become obsolete

NetEase technology news March 17th, according to foreign media reports,.Com is the world’s most famous domain name suffix, the world’s registered.Com domain name has more than 115 million, accounting for 42% of the total number of global domain names. But 30 years after the.Com domain was turned on, a lot of people are questioning whether it can continue to maintain its dominant position.

.Com was launched in 1985 by the U.S. Department of defense, originally intended to serve as a commercial entity domain name.

in March 15, 1985, Symbolics, the technology company’s first registered.Com domain name,, was acquired in 2009 by a small investment firm called is still in a state of accessibility, making it the oldest registered.Com domain name on the internet.

at first, the growth of the number of.Com domain name is relatively slow, in 1985, only a handful of companies registered.Com domain name. The first companies to register their domain names are mostly high-tech companies, including Intel and SIEMENS, which were registered in the late 80s of last century,.Com domain name.

to 1997, the world’s 100th.Com domain name is registered, while the Internet bubble is forming. By the mid 90s of the last century, when.Com,.Org and.Net domain names have been open, unrestricted on registration,.Com has lost contact with the existence of commercial entities.

from the Internet at the same time, mainly for scholars and researchers to use tools, rapid development as the main channel of global communication, business and information exchange, it is hard to imagine life without the Internet what it would be like.

now,.Com site visits reached a trillion times a day. Hundreds of thousands of enterprises to establish a.Com suffix website, in order to develop their own online business. Some of the largest companies with their own brand name.Com domain name. Some people think that.Com is now almost synonymous with the internet.

U.S. domain name registrar VeriSign executive chairman, President and chief executive officer Jim · (Jim Bidzos) pointed out:.Com is not just a web site. It is a globally recognized and respected brand, almost every major global brands, including 100% of Fortune 500 companies, have this online identity."

however, with over 115 million.Com domain has been existing website or investors registered, consumers and businesses to get what they want the.Com domain name is facing great challenges, unless they have a very strong financial resources.

there is a way to solve this problem is to add the.Com suffix on behalf of the country

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