Ali mother 50 million yuan acquisition of community platform PHPWND

May 30th afternoon news, industry news from multiple sources said that Ali mother will be 50 million yuan acquisition community platform PHPWIND, to strengthen the links in the field strength, the acquisition may be convertible or overall acquisition.

is reported that Ali’s mother’s community forum has been used in the industry’s first Discuz platform, recently switched to second of the industry’s PHPWIND. PHPWind also confirmed to their community marketing director, from April 30th onwards, the owners can get Ali’s online advertising services. From the background of the registration of the registration to the mother of Ali platform operators, will also get some support.

industry insiders believe that the acquisition of Ali mother community platform in order to further involve small webmaster resources, consolidate the "long tail strategy" effect. Alibaba group can not only provide free site service to the owners, but also through Ali mom platform to help these sites advertising sales.

had news that the Group intends to buy Alibaba Dai Zhikang, but due to Discuz! Discuz! Has many rounds of financing, including Ma former rival Zhou Hongyi shares, which gave its acquisition difficulty.

as the news said the purchase price, there are market participants believe that Discuz has completed two rounds of financing before, which only strategic investor Google gave $1 million. In contrast, PHPWIND 50 million yuan price is not too high.

this morning, Ali mother responsible person in connection with Sina Technology, said the company did not receive any internal news, Sina Technology will pay close attention to

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