Not filing a fine of 5000 1 a new round of Web site filing frenzy

in December 3rd, received a call from the IDC service provider, they have recently received notification from around the communications authority, asking them to strengthen the site for the record, otherwise by 5000-1 million / penalty, or even off the network.

according to IDC manufacturers revealed that around the Communications Authority recently held a meeting of IDC manufacturers, announced the launch of a new round of site filing work. The action will be strictly in accordance with who access, who is responsible for the first record, the principle of access. If you find the computer room in the memory of the site is not recorded, IDC manufacturers will be fined 5000-1 yuan / a fine, serious cases of direct network.

it is understood that, in addition to remediation not filing sites, some areas also require users to sign the record has been filed with a commitment to ensure that there is no violation of content.

attached: the recent closure of the computer room list

Shanghai Nu River mobile (no more than 1 of the basic recovery)

Shanghai Caohejing Netcom

Shanghai Caobao Road Telecom (began to ban the small section, now blocking large segment)

Jinhua Zhejiang Telecom

Jinhua Zhejiang Netcom

Zhejiang Shaoxing Telecom (this is known as two large agents were closed, conservative estimate of more than 4000 units)

Jingdezhen Jiangxi Telecom

Hebei Netcom (what room do not know)

Jiangsu Telecom Yangzhou computer room

Hefei Anhui Telecom IDC room

Yizhuang Beijing Netcom room

webmaster do not easy, no record of the cause of the storm is quickly prepared, mobile phone website jurisprudence events, directed at China Mobile, telecom, Netcom and other IDC service providers launched a large number of self inspection work, don’t go off, then it will be too late, finally I wish you all get through this storm.

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