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throughout the ages, how many talented people because the edge exposed face pressure, lost light or self portal pressure predecessors. Once the interest conflict, the struggle was doomed to huminghuan, survival and beautiful slavishly dependent has stopped using Alipay, the contradiction between the Alibaba and the shopping guide website has been secretly from repression to public pressure, they still lack the independent station shopping portal, said is beautiful, resigned after the implementation of the transformation of the electricity supplier in store channels, trying to turn the vertical, beauty is the launch of fashion buyer, combine to create elegant and fashion magazine internet.


Baidu, the Tencent had to buy, beautiful, old soldier has become a general

Ma Yun once said pressing shopping guide website development, but after all, is used together by support of his comrades, or rather still need to stand outside the flow of the shopping guide websites from the hand, even soldier has become too much air future hand in their own interests, not give this from the shopping guide website attracted a large number of high-quality flow field some people commented that, since the cooperation between Alibaba and Sina micro-blog, to get outside the station to ensure flow at a time when only choice and refuse on said: beautiful shield Taobao promotion link and Baidu reconciled with keyword search again, beautiful.

Huge traffic

Sina micro-blog but one is to allow all doubt, instant information sharing life fortune, two grew up in the community shopping guide for all core power site, flow quality was the difference in the world, is a Sina power see Enron to suppress, beauty, but in the decision will inevitably suppress its development on the occasion of the pain to ease the gap choice.

Ali suppress not only, beautiful, Taobao 2013 rectification, Ali mother off rules, once blocked large attachment CPS started to stationmaster, side side and to prevent the excessive flow of external growth, suppression of integration in parallel, although Ali is big, still cannot avoid the fate of fear creeps snatch interests.


arm is no thigh, or continue to do small bow or transition to become self reliant

small shopping guide website are not enough independent portal, so we have to remain attached to the tree of Alibaba, continue to depend on it, to survive in the cracks in the rules.

Beautiful and

but as an independent large membership base, how can go back to continue to do the "boy"? May fail to beat the arm the thigh, but choose to be this life, obviously not the style of two.

is not a "Lotus just buds, two states have sufficient advantages to realize the transformation of and

said as beautiful throughout the network of numerous underlings they have a huge community, shopping guide mode, has enough influence to reputation, high-quality user traffic is the core of, said the beautiful user conversion rate as high as 7%~8%.

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