DC market gradually active investment prospects

In July 26th

reported: according to the CNINC report released the day before, Chinese users reached 420 million, growth of 2.9% compared to the end of 09, the broadband penetration rate reached 98.1%, the scale of broadband users reached 364 million, Internet users and broadband penetration rate has greatly increased, to provide a good environment for the development of IDC industry. The reaction from the China IDC circle of the latest research data of 2010, the domestic IDC industry overall trend is still showing growth, coupled with ChinaNetCenter and 35 Internet IDC companies such as the successful landing of the gem, the investors are optimistic about the prospects for the industry of IDC.

market is expected to pick up the bullish

IDC industryAccording to the

IDC China ring and CCID Consulting jointly issued the "2009-2010 IDC China Business Market Research Report" shows that since 2009, with the overall economy has stabilized, IDC industry market rebound quickly, by the end of 2009, Chinese IDC market scale reached 7 billion 280 million yuan, an increase of 49.5%, the growth rate increased by 8.7 percentage points compared to 2008.


from the beginning of last year, the government to strengthen the illegal website information and other aspects of the record supervision, resulting in the site of gross domestic dropped sharply to 2 million 790 thousand, a decline of 13.7%, but because of the overall economic recovery, promote the quality of customer IDC industry (video, online games, e-commerce etc.) increasingly strong demand, the overall income of business market is still growing trend most of the IDC enterprises, optimistic attitude, and intention to increase investment in business innovation and service.

triple play IDC industry breakthrough

The implementation of

network convergence will bring new changes in people’s daily life, television, mobile phone, Internet will achieve seamless, mobile phone, Internet TV, realizes the function of "three in one", which can realize the function of the mobile phone online, on TV, also can realize each other’s function in the hand of computer and Internet on. At the same time to change the lives of the triple play for television, mobile phones, the Internet downstream industries bring huge profits. It is estimated that the next three years to promote the integration of 3 investment and consumption of $688 billion.

based provider IDC industry as the Internet, is indispensable in the triple play play the role of the triple play a huge piece of "cake", will also bring new opportunities for the IDC industry in the structure and business development.

positive increase investment prospects

according to sources from China IDC circle revealed that several foreign investment and financial and investment institutions to capital investments in the IDC industry, the focus is mainly concentrated in the construction of the data center and the market demand, but because of policy, the market prospect of IDC and other limiting factors, is still in the investigation stage.

with the IDC industry as a whole environment gradually improved, coupled with the economic environment to pick up, triple play, broadband audience and consumer confidence growth, IDC enterprise

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