Porn site was cleared only earn 322 yuan

      the use of the Internet dissemination of pornographic content made a profit of 322 yuan, and go out to avoid the bail in Rongchang County, 21 year old young Liu Bin the day before by the procuratorial organs approved the arrest. It is reported that this is the first time the county has dealt with this case.

      with many years of experience in dealing with computers and networks, Liu Bin can skillfully use the network knowledge and network operation mode. Leisure bored he started the idea of starting a website to earn advertising fees. The first two times without success, eager to make money Liu Bin produced pornographic content on the website paste to absorb popular idea.

      in April 15th, he bought three domain names to a network operating company, respectively, opened the West Chamber "customers" and other three pornographic websites. After that, he worked in the "West customers" pasted on the pornographic novels more than 1 thousand and 800 and a large number of pornographic pictures. This makes the site popularity soared, but also brought a surge in advertising. As of the incident, Liu Bin a total profit of 322 yuan.

      April 29th, Rongchang County Public Security Bureau police network through network monitoring to Liu Bin’s pornographic websites, according to the law on suspicion of the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials will be summoned to the public security organs, Liu Bin truthfully confessed the alleged facts of the crime. In view of the fact that Liu Bin first offense, and the website open time is short, the spread range is not big, if the circumstances are relatively minor, the public security organs in accordance with the law and take measures to bail.

      Liu Bin was released on bail after leaving Rongchang, to go out to avoid, cause summoned to the public security organ can not present, not litigation. The public security organs then submitted to the procuratorial organs approved the arrest. July 6th, Liu Bin was arrested by prosecutors in accordance with the law.

      September 2004 implementation of the "Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on using the Internet, mobile communication terminal, voice platform production, copying, publishing, selling or spreading pornographic electronic information in criminal cases the interpretation of" the Criminal Law added, in addition to the dissemination of pornographic information behavior detailed explanation, which also defined "knowingly Pornographic Electronic Information and all on its own, management or use of the website or web page provides direct links to" belong to illegal behavior, the minimum standards for a variety of obscene electronic information reached more than 400 or more than 400 members. From the point of view of the case, the relevant information involved and the number of members has greatly exceeded the standard. The investigators also quite regrettable, in their review of the management personnel, lack of life is superior, but once they will lose a lot of chained and thrown into prison. Therefore, the police also reminded users, do not confuse these virtual powers on the Internet, not to become a victim of offshore profit.


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