A shameless act of contempt

strongly despise < advertising alliance > < tixa > shameless behavior

its website has



webmaster friends said, to polish your eyes.

the company. Special cheating website webmaster, after you apply for income settlement. Do not send money to the webmaster.

the bird company’s bird system also prompts

2008-07-15 your money into this month will be remitted

the customer that 010-82293900 the call of the estimate is two Ren, give her a call, she said to go to the relevant departments, turn for a long time, a waste of my telephone fee, turn the do not know who to give it, and to another department, and said that half a day. She said she didn’t know the phone to hang up. Even, I hit a telephone call, or the two Ren son answered the telephone, she said she is not in charge of the Department, to help turn, turn after the phone is busy. After that, I hit a few, and this is the case.

friendship reminder:

personal webmaster, do not do in the bird company alliance. The consequences are serious.

16981.com webmaster

above all the text is written by 16981.com webmaster. There’s something you can do about it.

if you are a victim, please forward this.

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